Coach Heritage Swingpack: The Alternative to the Backpack


When I was about 8 years old, not only were backpacks extremely popular, but you would literally see them perched on the back of almost every female in the U.S. If I remember correctly, mine was some sort of red cowboy print with red leather trimming, not so cute. Now in my early twenties I wonder, despite the stigma attached to the backpack do designer backpacks have more credibility? The answer I have concluded is a big fat no!

These days big names like Prada, Longchamp and LeSportSac are all advertising the outlandish idea that backpacks are stylish. Now I understand there are some cases, well maybe one or two, when a backpack is necessary – but there are always ways to get around it.

For a more stylish option head for the Coach Heritage Stripe Tattersall Swingpack which crosses the body enabling travelers to keep close tabs on their belongings, while avoiding looking like a tourist.

So feel free to throw away those backpacks or donate them to a good cause!

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