Brooke Shields’ fashionable daughters

Brooke Shields’ daughters refuse to take her fashion advice.

The actress says her two girls, Rowan, six, and three-year-old Grier, are very decisive about what they wear and don’t listen to their mother, who is often voted one of the world’s most stylish women.

She said “They’re completely opinionated. I had them until about two. Then I lost all control. Rowan is a complete tomboy and Grier would wear a floor-length princess dress everyday if she could. And it’s non-negotiable. She needs to be in full regalia.

“But I don’t fight it. I’m saving it for the other things I need to fight them on.”

Despite their interest in clothes, Brooke doubts whether either girl will follow her into the modelling industry.

She added to America’s OK magazine: “I don’t think they have the patience for it. I think if they do, I think they’ll think they want to, but when it gets down to the real work, I don’t think they’ll have enough patience for it or desire to go through all the other extra curricular stuff that comes with it. I really don’t.”

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