Michelle Pfeiffer’s lighting help

Michelle Pfeiffer has credited good lighting with looking young.

The 51-year-old actress – who is renowned for her youthful looks – knows the importance of making friends with the lighting director when shooting a movie as they will then make sure they use flattering settings and angles.

She said: ‘The whole thing to looking great in films is your lighting.

‘If they have the right light on you, it makes no difference what face creams you use because they can make bags under your eyes disappear and all the lines on your cheek go away. This is what can age you 20 years or take 20 years off. Any of us know to make friends with the lighting director, that’s the guy who’s your best friend in making a movie.’

Michelle also revealed she was stunned when a reporter asked how she felt having an old body.

The ‘Cheri’ star said: ‘She asked, ‘How does it feel to have an old and decrepit body?’ And at first I didn’t understand her, I was like, ‘Sorry, did you just say I had an old and decrepit body?’ and she was like, ‘Ja (yes). How does it feel?’ ‘

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