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Geri Halliwell’s boring in body-con Herve Leger

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Geri Halliwell’s style choices are the fashion equaivalent to a broken record. And it’s definitely time to change that tune.

Ever since she first stepped out at the Brit Awards in that now iconic Union Jack flag dress, Geri has stayed faithful to bodycon dresses. And her appearance at the Sony Radio Academy Awards last night at London’s Grosvenor House was no different.

Posing for the paps in her usual curve-clinging attire, Geri may have shown off her svelte figure but she made us yawn in the process. Her look wasn’t a total disaster, let’s be fair, but the oversized platforms and hot pink bandage dress by Herve Leger look tired and dated for the new season.

This Spice Girl is pushing 40 now – maybe she should take a leaf out of Jennifer Anniston‘s book who has conquered the art of being sexy yet subtle… just a thought.

What do you think of Geri Halliwell’s look?
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