Watch: Lady Gaga needs help walking in her 12 inch heels

Most of us may struggle to put one foot in front of the other when we slip on our six inch stilettos for a night out, but that measurement seems mild in comparison to Lady Gaga‘s 12 inch platforms she wore on America’s The View the other day.

The shoes were so ridiculously high, in fact, Gaga needed two strong men to help her to her seat. But the scrutinising of her outfit didn’t end there.

Once Gaga was seated, co-host Barbara Walters turned to the singer’s mum in the audience and said, “Mommy, was she really born this way?” To which Gaga’s mum simply nodded, reports the Cut.

But then a question from Joy Behar seemed to take the joke a little too far: “The nails didn’t hurt when she was coming out?” she asked.

But Gaga wasn’t about to be upstaged and quickly resumed control of the interview.

“When I was coming out of the womb, she had to brace herself for the tips!” said the Judas singer.

Nice. See her interview on the show below…

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