Anna Wintour doesn’t like using adjectives

As an editor of the world’s biggest fashion glossy, one would assume Anna Wintour would have a great love for all things the English language has to offer, but it appears not.

The Vogue US editor-in-chief undoubtedly adores fashion, but when it comes to describing it, she’d rather not, thank you very much.

According to Martin Filler, Wintour doesn’t like using adjectives at all, reports The Cut, but naturally she gave him no explanation as to why the case may be.

“Nearly twenty-five years ago I was called into the office of Anna Wintour, my boss during her brief interregnum at House & Garden magazine before she ascended to fashion glory as editor-in-excelsis of Vogue,” recalls Filler.

“You use too many adjectives,” she told me. “I don’t like adjectives. That’s all.”

The secret to Wintour’s heart, we wonder?

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