Check out Christian Louboutin’s 8-inch high ballet shoes

These ballet shoes by Christian Louboutin probably have to be the most impractical in the world, and we’re really struggling to comprehend standing still in such a pair of crazy-high shoes – let alone dance!

The man behind the most famous footwear label in the world designed this pair of eight-inch high, Swarovski encrusted, red-soled ballet pumps to raise funds for the English National Ballet.

The unusual super cigarette heel was made by Louboutin for specialised dancers to apparently carry out their skillful profession with ease – yeah, we’ll take a rain check on that.

“The heel makes dancers closer than any other women to the sky,” said Christian. “Closer to heaven!”

The incredible stilettos were part of a ballet themed auction called the Summer Party Silent Auction, which ended last night, reports LDNfashion.

We wonder how much they went for?

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