Balenciaga’s new website is a lot like Tumblr

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We have to admit, Balenciaga‘s website was never that amazing was it? But thanks to a revamp and digital overhaul, the new online site is in a whole new technological league of its own.

The new center piece of is a scrolling feed, featuring everything you need to know about the label, feeding your obsessive hunger for this exquisite luxury label.

The style itself is very similar to Tumblr, with a Balenciaga-infused archive that is literally fit to burst – complete with everything from behind-the-scenes videos, shop the look icons, a new optimised thorough experience, and the ability to shop the label’s normally hard-to-find merchandise.

The precise nature of the site sets it high above any other e-commerce site, with clothes divided into 12 categories that load simultaneously on the same page, accessories that are ordered into 10 categories, and even the option to filter by color or size – not to mention the unbelievably amazing heritage and campaigns section that allows you to see the history of Balenciaga in images since 1930, reports Fashionista.

We think it’s time to do some serious online shopping.

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