Cheryl Cole discusses her shoe collection; behind-the-scenes footage!

We never thought we’d compare our beloved Cheryl Cole to a bus, but akin to those oversized red vehicles, we waited ages for her to re-appear and we’re on Cheryl overload.

Not that we’re complaining – you can never have too much Chez. A few weeks ago we brought you the very exciting news that Ms. Cole would be designing her very own shoe collection with Stylist Pick, but now we have something even better.

We’ve managed to get our hands on behind-the-scenes footage of the petite Geordie in action; she really does seem to have quite a hands on approach in the design process.

From what we can see in the sneaky video snippets, we reckon a lot of girls’ bank accounts are going to panic when the collection finally launches. And it won’t be just a one-collection wonder, either – Cheryl talks about a second Valentines Day collection too.

Watch the video below for a peek at what to expect…

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