Beyonce finally shows fans her wedding dress (three years later)

The April 2008 nuptials of singing superstar Beyonce and rapper Jay-Z were shrouded in secrecy, without so much as a peep from anyone about what the wedding dress looked like – but now that’s all changed.

Beyonce has just released a montage video compiled of some of her most iconic moments for her brand new DVD Live At Roseland Elements, and there are a few moments which offer fans a sneak peek at her lavish wedding gown.

From what we can see, it was everything we expected it to be and more – it accentuated her curves beautifully, complemented her bootylicious figure and generally had the ultimate wow factor with its huge ruffled train.

Queen Bey is seen trying on the dress sporting the natural look, so whether this was actually taken on the big day itself is another question.

Still, at least we have a better insight into what Jay-Z’s blushing bride looked like and we stand by our opinions that Beyonce never fails to look the picture of perfection.

Take a look at Bey’s trip down memory lane video below – but if you want to just skip to the bit with the dress, you’ll find it around the 3:35 mark. You’re welcome!

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