Proof that there really is only one Kate Moss!

You only have to read My Fashion Life for a week or so to know that we are quite fond of our home girl Kate Moss, but it turns out we aren’t the only ones who think she’s special!

Alison Jackson, who famously takes pictures of celebrity lookalikes (previous ones have included Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton!) has mentioned to The Evening Standard that she is finding it increasingly difficult to find someone to impersonate the supermodel.

“We’re looking for a Kate Moss body double, but it’s very difficult to find anyone of her shape,” she said. “Kate has the perfect configuration, everything’s perfect. How do you find that? Some people have the torso, some the legs, but, so far, no one has the full package.”

We always knew Kate was one of a kind, and this has well and truly confirmed it!

Do you know anyone who is a dead ringer for Kate Moss? If you do, perhaps you could persuade them to seek out Alison Jackson…

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