Jennifer Aniston pregnant? (Ok, not really…)

Lea Michele for L’Oreal Paris, Blake Lively a newly married woman and… Jennifer Aniston pregnant?! Ok one of those statements is a lie, and we’re pretty sure you figured out that it was of course the last one.

Jennifer Aniston isn’t pregnant (not to our knowledge anyway) but after their first viral video was such a success, the actress and the guys at Smartwater (an American water brand) have returned to poke fun at the tabloids’ fascination with Jen’s looks, love life, and uterus! And this time round they’ve even enlisted the help of Ryan Seacrest and Jimmy Kimmel!

The spoof contains “stolen video footage” from Jennifer’s house, where a few home truths are supposedly revealed. We love how Jen is able to laugh at herself… the scene where she takes off her “Rachel” wig and reveals her “natural” barnet really tickled us.

Watch the video below and tell us your favourite part.


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