Watch adorable cubs play in the snow for Cartier’s Christmas video

The cubs are back again for Cartier, and dare we say we think they’re cuter and more adorable than ever?

Cartier has once again continued to use precious cubs in its Christmas commercial, this time opting for little panther cubs playing in a winter wonderland before discovering the beautifully packaged gifts scattered around the forest.

Now if you always thought of yourself as a bit of a Scrooge, or have had some people tell you you’re a tad on the cold hearted side, this is the ultimate way to test the theory. If you make it throughout the entire video without so much as an “aww” then we’re afraid to say that your friends may be onto something.

But we don’t think you’ll have to worry though, as we have a feeling this video will melt even the frostiest of hearts. What do you think?

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