How to protect your products during transportation

There are many necessary evils in life: taxes, for instance, or death. Another is product transportation, which can end up costing a business lot of money in damaged or lost stock. But just because something is evil it does not mean that you have to succumb to it; just as you can dodge tax and cheat death, you can also protect your products during transportation. Your products have to move from A to B so you may as well make sure you give them the best chance of getting there as safely as possible – here are our top tips for how to do this:

Make sure you take all the precautions that you have at your disposal when you’re transporting your critical assets. If you have jewelry that you intend to transport, make sure that you protect its appearance with anti-tarnish jewelry storage. You should also ensure that fragile items are placed in well padded containers and that the containers are clearly labelled as containing fragile items. When transporting your most valuable assets it is best not to take any chances, or your stock could end up the same way as Picasso’s masterpiece Le Peintre, which was sadly lost in an aeroplane crash in 1998.

Other threats
In addition to loss and damage there are plenty of other threats that may await your critical assets if you are not careful. Successful conveyance of goods is about analysing these risks. Think about the things that could go wrong and consider the biggest threats to your stock. It is not always the most pleasant thing to think about but it will put you in the right mind-set to anticipate and counteract the problems you might face on the road.

One common threat is theft. There is no way to avoid the risk of this threat entirely during the transportation of valuable items, but you can help to minimise the danger greatly through a number of techniques: You can throw intending thieves of the scent of your costly cargo by varying the route along which your goods are transported. This should be arranged beforehand with your transportation company.

This tactic can help to ensure that your movements are not too easy to predict. It is also a good idea to advertise the fact that your stock is protected during transportation, which will ensure your cargo is not seen as easy prey.

Trusted conveyor
99 times out of 100 you may save money on using a cheap company to transport your valuables. However, the one time that the money saving tactic does not pay off could end up costing you a fortune in damaged or lost stock, cancelling out the previous saving you had made. Make sure that the company you use to transport your goods has an outstanding reputation for getting things from A to B in perfect condition.

It is also a good idea to use a specialist transport company, the staff of which are likely to be well versed in the handling of valuables and understand the care and attention that is required when transporting such items.

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