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Diary of a diva

What I wear walking into my community service has no connection to what I’m going to do when I get inside. This is how I dress, and this is how […]

Kidman on Craig

“The thing about Daniel, and the reason I like working with him, is that he’s an actor’s actor.” – Nicole Kidman Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman do “W” magazine

Evangeline Lilly

“If you polled them the year I graduated, they would have said that I was a slut,” she says. “And the most I had ever done is French kiss. It […]

Zac poses for Papermag

Papermag covers designer Zac Posen…. I love strong female archetypes,” Zac says, nodding. “And movies made me understand the drama of life: the excitement, the calm moments, the wild moments, […]


There was a time everybody was around and I was dancing with you We all went down to the party Friday night and had a drink there or two Oh […]