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Joy boot by French Connection

So it’s got to that time of the season when you’re sick of your summer clothes and recoil at the thought of your winter ones. But never fear, accessories are […]

Trends: Hit the Decks

If the rumours are true, then deck shoes are the latest must-have fashion item this summer. It’s hard to believe that a shoe associated with fatherly types and would-be eurostrash […]

Fit Flops: Form Meets Function

Fit Flops first made it big last year. Engineered by Marcia Kilgore ,the founder of Bliss Spa, the sandals with “microwobbleboard technology promise greater calorie burn and cellulite reduction simply […]

Lusting after: The Oxford Sandal

It’s no secret. I’m devoted to the gladiator sandal. Flat, heeled, or knee high (I’m not a fan of mid-length), I love them all….o.k most of them. But with everyone […]

Polls: The Hybrid Shoe

Part leg warmer, part gladiator sandal, part flip-flop, these sandals by Cocobelle are a bit of a fashion dilemma. The evolved design is sure to turn some heads ( though […]