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HOLLY DUNLAP, Creative Director and Founder of HOLLYWOULD, began her career in fashion at the young age of 16 as an intern for socialite designer Carolyne Roehm. Although Holly was not paid a salary during her time with Carolyne, she was paid in the next best thing: Manolo Blahnik Shoes. From her first pair of Manolo’s, Holly realized that there were shoes and there were shoes.

I stumbled upon this site by accident and I think its great!!! The founder of Hollywould, Holly Dunlap is a professional with excellent press ranging from Vogue to In style. Her shop is filled with lovely goodies and best of all she maintains a diary which is even better. Its amazing but she is doing exactly what I am aiming to achieve.

I dislike the fact that alot of designers keep their knowledge to themselves. Its cool to have a designer who keeps a diary as they can offer advice and you can keep up with all the events they go to. I am so happy I found this link.

Her advice re-entering fashion:

As long as we’re talking “Jobs in Fashion”, I may as well take this opportunity to answer some questions I get emailed just about every day:

Q: I want to be a designer, what should I do? A: Go to school for fashion design. Here are the schools I recommend (for info on graduate programs, contact these schools too):
Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC
Parsons, NYC
FIDM, Los Angeles
Central St. Martins, London
ESMOD, Paris (need to speak French)
Chambre Syndical, Paris (need to speak French)
Polimoda, Florence (need to speak Italian)

Q: I want to work in fashion, what classes should I take?

A: If you want to work at the high-end/designer level, it is valuable to speak either French or Italian fluently.

Q: I want to work in on the business side of fashion, what do you recommend?

A: We love you! Fashion needs more business people. I recommend taking any business & financial classes you can. Business school is not a bad idea. Any good liberal arts school is great. Intern with us when you graduate!

Q: I want to be a shoe designer. Does this have to be my major?

A: No, you can major in “fashion design” or “accessory design”, but I would still recommend attending one of the schools listed above.

If you have any other questions, I recommend you contact the schools listed or do research on the internet. That’s all for now girls. Can’t wait to see who we get to fill our “Intern” desk!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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