Last Updated on 19th October 2013

streep_oscars.jpgUnfortunately for every great gown choice on the red carpet, there were a couple of bad ones and whilst I didn’t feel there were too many style fatalities, the few that were spotted left me almost speechless. The most undesirable of the night had to be Meryl Streep in Prada. I can’t completely blame Ms Streep for this disaster, this concoction just wouldn’t look good on anyone, the length and shape are just plain wrong and the overall design is frumpy. However the decision to enhance the visual discomfort experienced by onlookers by adding the Native American style accessories was somebody’s doing! In all honesty it’s hard to recognise the Hollywood icon, especially after seeing her in The Devil wears Prada where she looked incredibly chic in every frame. Another misfortunate who didn’t quite live up to expectations was Kirsten Dunst, who failed to shine in Chanel couture, the style was unflattering and the use of extreme detail and feathering was more showgirl than starlet.

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