Last Updated on 19th October 2013


Actress SARAH JESSICA PARKER has launched a crusade to cover up young America with her new cheap-chic clothing line Bitten. The former Sex + The City star’s new Steve + Barry line of affordable womenswear features only conservative attire – because the actress is tired of seeing young girls baring almost all…….”There’s not going to be any inappropriate midriff showing, regardless of your age. I really don’t care for it. I feel like, as a culture, we have seen enough damage done by it. It’s provocative in a way that I just don’t feel comfortable with.”

Erm o.k… this revelation comes after Sarah Jessica Parker enjoyed a high level of success from a show which was far from conservative. I’ve gnerally tried to stay away from the SJP for Steve and Barry’s relationship and try to avoid posting too often about the other celebrity lines which keep cropping up mainly because I have no interest in them.

I believe what is actually damaging for us as a culture are all of these damn celebrity collections! Designers for the high street I can somewhat understand, we’re buying into the design which is good enough for me and as much as I sometimes have my reservations about some of the partnerships, I fully accept the argument for them and I’m willing to accept that my qualms are based on unreasonable emotion.

But celebrities for the high street and celebrity labels in general, need to be stopped. I’m all for affordable fashion, my wardrobe would be empty without it, but what I find distasteful is the mass hysteria that surrounds the idea that a collection of clothes is only as worthy as the celebrity attached to it.

I pity the next generation who soon enough will only associate and make their fashion choices based on their celebrity preference. For me the final straw of this epidemic came with Kate Moss -who has apparently raked in over £3m with her line , for Topshop.

Honestly I’m sure she must be laughing at our stupidity. We’ve boosted her bank balance substantially leaving her to enjoy the fruits of her limited labour. Topshop boss, Philip Green, the man whom she granted the golden key to cash in on her “celebrity understands only too well this sheep mentality that increasingly grips society and took full advantage by exploiting the flawed thinking that dominates the minds of those with low self esteem and no individuality…those whom imagine that just by wearing or even owning an outfit (that bare in mind has been ripped off by another designer) that resembles something similar in Kate’s wardrobe that they just might be a little like Kate, or even that perhaps they may inherit a fraction of her style because after all she is supposed to be a style icon.

Lets be real….Kate doesn’t want you dress like her, actually she probably doesn’t even care. When her drug addiction was exposed she soon realised how in the blink of an eye she could lose the luxuries that fame provides and decided to capitalise as much as possible on her celebrity, so if that means an increase in the number of Kate clones…what does she care?

But should we care? Yes we should. The message we’re sending out by buying into these celebrity lines will be detrimental in the long run for the fashion industry and more importantly for society.

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