Last Updated on 19th October 2013


Why oh why must you do this to me? I am a gadget freak – especially when it comes to cell phones. As with the clothes on my back, my cell phone isn’t just functional, it has to be stylish and a great accessory. I’m culprit of jumping between service providers and subliminally losing or breaking cell phones so I can get my hands on the latest and greatest. I was doing fine, gracefully waiting for my contract to run out and perhaps for the next generation of iPhones to hit, when I spotted this new Verizon BlackBerry Pearl 8130 in light pink. Too tempting!

I immediately started doing some research and came across a website dedicated to the Pink Blackberry Pearl; complete with mini-videos of successful, stylish women, including our favourite Elle Fashion Director, Nina Garcia, all speaking of the importance of style, organization and being connected (of course, via the latest Blackberry). Brilliant marketing. It just might be time to “accidentally” misplace my cellphone once again…

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