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Tuleh’s Fall 2008 line was in keeping with what critics have been saying about the rest of the Fall 2008 collections (pre-Fall and otherwise); there is a distinct look backwards to the 1940s-60s with regards to tailoring and restrained femininity. Then there is a distinctly modern twist. That said, Tuleh was generally successful in their take on this season’s overarching trend.

Luxe metallics and animal prints, paired with knee-high suede stiletto boots in brilliant shades, made the collection contemporary and gave it a bit of an edge.

Attention to detail also provided the line with polish; models toted oversized clutches in glittery snakeskin (the flashiest had a oil-rainbow palette), they sported jaunty fedoras in bold bright shades (azure, Kelly green, fuschia, purple and orange), and some of the ladies wore little fuzzy glovelets with no practical purpose that nevertheless worked.

The ‘flashback’ aspect manifested itself in cable knits, tea dresses with pouf skirts, rosettes and tailored coats that expanded below the waist (the models’ long, bouncy curls also added to the overall effect).


Overall, the collection was pleasing and bright. The “off-putting” moment came at the end of the show, when models emerged wearing loose velour trousers and floor-length printed satin robes. Suddenly, in combination with the fedoras, occasional hints of fur, and vibrant purples and oranges, all I could think of was a Las Vegas pimp.

This may be a fault to lay at the feet of the stylist, as the rest of the collection (especially when paired with clothing from other lines) was quite chic.


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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