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I’m not going to lie—over an hour of waiting in line in four-inch heels after a ten hour day at work makes me cranky. So cranky, in fact, that I will contemplate getting out of line, especially when it looks as though,

a) I won’t get into the show
b) If I do get in, it may never start as it’s already nearing the hour delay mark.

Luckily for me (and my feet!) I was one of the last people let in and I muscled my way into a seat. As the lights dimmed and sultry Brazilian music pumped out over the sound system, my bad mood disappeared. Iódice was absolutely delightful.

Rampant, with intricate pleats and glowing fabrics, Valdemar Iódice appeared to have ignored the “old-is-new mantra that has beset this Fashion Week. Simply put, this collection embodied the jeitinho of the designer’s native Brazil. Focusing predominantly on evening wear, dresses were made of predominantly silks and satins in deep violets, black, a shocking pink and even grey.
While some dresses were solid colours enhanced by intricate details such as the aforementioned pleats, others were in bold geometric patterns or had sexy black patent racerbacks. Chunky knits, many in a bold yellow, were belted or draped over the dresses. Heavy silks were folded into origami-like patterns on collars and the bust-line of strapless dresses. A hint of sequins rounded out the show textile choices for the line.

My personal favourite ensemble was a hot pink pleated dresses with bubble hum, paired with a tough black patent biker jacket. It also embodied the feel of the entire collection; entirely ladylike, but with a tough edge (think Dita von Teese—entirely classy, but with an edge just below the surface). This hard-edged yet luxe collection turned many a head and was definitely worth the wait, if the loud cheers during the final runway walk were any indication.


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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