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meaningofsunglasses_freeman.jpgI’ve had a review copy of fashion editor, Hadley Freeman’s new book for a while now but only just recently managed to sit down and have a proper read of the fashion bible that’s being dubbed an A-Z of fashion and style.

It’s titled The Meaning of Sunglasses and in it, Freeman dissects everything fashion-related – from Topshop to low slung belts to drugs and of course sunglasses. No major trend, personality, or irony goes uncovered.

For the fact that I can completely relate, my chosen topic had to be “Fashion shows”. Here’s a favourite quote,

“Fashion journalists like to think that they are the most important people at the show and the sit on the sidelines like Roman emperors while the designer waits with bated breath to see if their manicured thumb will point up or down. They are disabused of this illusion when they are kept waiting for two hours……because front-row guest Tori Spelling hasn’t arrived yet.”

Don’t expect any revelations or titillating insider secrets, Freeman doesn’t highlight any observations that we haven’t already made. Instead, she eloquently points out how ridiculous fashion can be.

Having said that, neither does she undermine the importance of the fashion industry, on the contrary…Freeman removed the guilt I feel for actually enjoying and wanting to work within an industry that can often be so hideously shallow.

Read it front to back, back to front, or dip in when you’re in need of a good laugh!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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