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Lately, I’ve been into bags. Normally I see pretty handbags and swoon over how lovely they are, but never really think of buying them for myself (if only because they’re like, ridiculously expensive). I am a big fan of Herve Chapelier bags. They are my default carry-on tote whenever I fly anywhere, the clean lines and wide array of colours ensure that they compliment any outfit, (and the amount of stuff I can fit into one makes me feel like a 21st-century Mary Poppins, if she had a laptop).

But I live in Manhattan and am just coming off my Fashion Week high where there were bags galore. Now, I can’t stop thinking about them and Barneys keeps sending me tantalizing emails with the designers’ spring styles. So, here is my bag wishlist, for a variety of occasions. But not to worry Herve; you’re not going anywhere anytime soon!

1. My fun, somewhat impractical, makes-your-eyes pop bag: Givenchy Wrinkled Patent Nightingale bag in green. It’ll probably will only go with 1/8th of my wardrobe it’s bright colour is just what I want to see in my closet during the February doldrums.

2. My not as exciting, but still chic, functional work bag: Kate Spade Nylon Abigail Baby Bag. Before you laugh, baby bags are an untapped resource for working women. They have bottle pockets (read: pocket for your commuter mug of steaming hot coffee or a bottle of water), lots of fun compartments and are large enough to fit a laptop. This one is black, which means it can take a beating on the subway

3. My fun, pretty, going out on the weekend bag: Christian Louboutin Patent Bow Clutch. Seriously, just look at this clutch– it speaks for itself. (And it is much more chic-looking than the Valentino version)

4. And finally, the just-because-I-like-it bag: Chloe Heloise Top-Handle Tote. It’s pretty, it’s purple and it’s Chloe. This actually would go with quite a bit of my wardrobe, despite the fact that the only purple item I own is a purple Marc Jacobs dress from somewhere around six seasons ago. I love the braided handles and gold-tone hardware as well; just check out the tiny gold rings woven into the handles:

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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