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sarahmichellegellar_270308.jpgI’m very much a minimalist when it comes to carting around personal possessions – the lighter and smaller the bag, the better, unless I’m purposefully aiming for an arm workout or backache.

I was very excited for the recent clutch movement and am surprised to see the opposite end of the spectrum still taking on more size. Perhaps this is a ploy by designers to produce even more expensive bags? After all, bigger bags = bigger price tags?

In recent months, we’ve spotted fashionistas on the town toting ridiculously giant bags (most notoriously, Mrs. Cruise with this Hermes tote). Not only do these purses overwhelm the tiny frames of some of our favourite ‘it’ girls, it makes us wonder what they could possibly be carrying to fill these colossal bags just for an afternoon or evening out. A desktop computer or enough Atkins meals to get them through the week?

Regardless, if you’re going to succumb to the oversized bag movement, make sure you’re not petite or a size 0 so that you don’t disappear behind – or into – your bag (a la Olsen twins).

Also, you might want to try avoiding your 4 heels when you’re going big…flats or wedge boots would probably make it a little easier to balance more gracefully.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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