Last Updated on 1st March 2008


If you live in a city, it is inevitable that you walk around a lot. In Manhattan, which is home to some of the most intensely fashion-oriented women I’ve ever seen (just wander around at 9 am on a Sunday on the Upper East Side to see women perfectly coiffed and Chanel-ed and you will understand what I mean), fashion and practicality are often at odds in the footwear department.

Having had fairly serious foot surgery last summer, I’m more cautious than most when it comes to traipsing around the city in heels. Consequently, I’m constantly on the prowl for cute shoes that won’t destroy my feet. Below, find a list of shoes that are a healthy mix of fashion and function.

1. Crocs. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about the hideous perforated clogs sported by Mario Batali . Crocs quietly introduced these sweet-looking slingbacks called the Malindi. They have a few other styles as well that are the complete opposite of the chunky, clunky and ugly original clog.

2. If you need something slightly dressier, the gold metallic Lusaka sandal from Born is the way to go. The straps are delicate and the slight wedge heel will give you just a bit of height. These will look great with shorts or a skirt when the weather warms up!

3. These Chie Mihara yam-yam slingbacks are also super cute and a little bit funky. Wearing ballet flats (which have no arch support) is actually more harmful to your feet than wearing something with a slight heel. The yellow trim will transition these heels perfectly into spring and early summer fashions.

4. For more stylish and practical shoes, check out the Comfort shoe shop at Some styles won’t exactly be podiatrist-recommended, but they are a much better alternative to walking 20 blocks in your Choos!

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