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Last weekend during the only snowstorm of the year, my trusty Converse trainers broke. I was wondering why my toes were feeling damp, when I looked down and saw a crack the size of the Grand Canyon spreading southwards down the sole of my shoe.

I always hate when my shoes break, because they become like a close friend, trusty and steadfast. Now I need to get looking for another pair in time for my trip to Paris next week, but where do I look? And what style do I choose?

Lately, I have been fantasising about purchasing a gold pair of trainers, and now is the perfect time. I head to the high street on a busy Saturday. First stop, Gola, where they have some funky gold pairs with burgundy and black stripes in shoe and high-top designs. nike_300308.jpgI like them, but saw a trendy girl at my office wearing some metallic Nike shoes, so Nike Town is my next stop. They excel in cool designs, from gold and silver patterned shoes, to multi-coloured ones that you can design yourself called Nike ID.

The price tag is quite steep though, from seventy pounds for a gold or silver patterned pair, to ninety pounds for a fabulous white and green pair with ribbon tassels on the back. I am tempted, but move on to something more within my price tag.

My final stop is Office, they have so many different styles of trainers under one roof and I am reminded of why I like shopping here so much. reebok_300308.jpgThe first pair I see are from Reebok.

Reebok’s latest styles are in bright splashes of colour, reminding me of why I left the 80s behind in 2007. Bright orange, blue and yellow make up the base colours, followed by various cartoon-like patterns and multi-colour laces. It might be alright for a hipster, but it’s giving me a headache just looking at them.

Finally, after many an hour of wandering back and forth, I make my decision. Yes, another pair of white Converse high tops. Stylish, comfortable and the right price. Perfect!

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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