vintagefendi_180608.jpgAfter surveying several new boutiques, it appears that the vintage/contemporary divide is now a love affair. Store owners, like those of Vancouver’s Mintage (, have realized that the best way to ride out the recession is to benefit from consumers’ innate love of fashion from the past and the present. The layout of Mintage divides old and new right down the middle, showcasing the fashion progression from the last 75 years and encouraging consumers to mix and match eras to create unique styles.

This Fendi portfolio, (pictured above) dubbed as a clutch for many, is an accessory staple now in the vintage/contemporary love affair. Vintage bags and shoes live in harmony with their contemporary counterparts and prove that their owners are true connoisseurs of fashion, without breaking the bank. Granted some designer vintage items are still costly, but for the most part you can walk into stores like Mintage and leave with quite the bargain.

Not only does Mintage evoke creativity, it allows consumers to purge their closets to make room for new or old pieces. Some may even call this recycling of clothes and accessories “green.”

Check out a new vintage/contemporary hybrid store near you and let us know what you find!


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