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Not one to adopt “style icons” from the celebrity realm I have to confess to a guilty fascination with the sartorial choices of Swedish singer Lykke Li. With a look that perfectly mirrors the smoky, pretty dancefloor of her music, her world makes me want to dance dance dance amongst sequins, stripes and speakerphones.

With a fondness for stomping about in Carine Roitfeild-esque shoes, scruffy masculine tailoring and a neck adorned with countless charms her look is a seducing me into a sharper boyish approach to dressing. It’s her dash of Swedish craziness that really gives this discoball vixen her charm and yes, if that means posing with a pair of killer shoes on your head then so be it.

Any girl who can effectively mix pretty pretty glamour with a dishevelled scruffiness immediately wins points in my book, and her combination of nonchalant stripes with magpie sequins in the video for “Little Bit” (which is awesome for a hundred different reasons, not least the dancing boy in short shorts and braces….) is prime example. So too, is her combination of old black t-shirts with top-knot chignons and smoky bedroom eyes. I think I might be a little bit in love with this girl….

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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