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It looks as if the bug for bad covers that’s plaguing US Vogue has trickled on over to Vogue Homme Japan. Shot by Hedi Slimane and directed by Nicola Formichetti, the overall styling just looks off. Emaciated does not even begin to describe the model and the studded belts evoke a dated look (or maybe Gareth Pugh had his hand in the styling). Either way, for a premiere issue, the depressing mise en scène leaves me flat and expecting more.


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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  1. who’s the cheap obnoxious queen writing that blog ? i mean, how would u know what’s good ? shall we comment on this stupid blog ? your comment is embarrassing for yourself. vogue homme japan cover looks stunning,
    if u don’t know why don’t write about hair products ?

  2. Hmmm, well…I’m “the queen” who wrote this blog entry. But first and foremost, I’d like to thank you for your opinion. However, inflammatory and condescending language like “who is this queen writing this blog” is not healthy way to air one’s opinion. I would love for you and anybody to share with us why you feel my perspective is flawed as opposed to cheaply attacking my character and the blog.

    Blogs are opinionated by nature so I felt that as a premiere issue, the Voge Homme Japan cover could have gone for a more upbeat feel. My opinion is not the end all be all so why you feel incensed to lambast my person and the blog is beyond me. Then again, in situations like this, what do they usually say…agree to disagree init!

  3. the model (Ashley Stymest) is a friend of mine and i’d prefer if you didn’t insult him by calling him ’emaciated’.
    i don’t think that anyone can deny the feeling that surrounds the front cover. good on the model and the photographer.

    nice work i feel.

  4. I just got hold of the remaining pictures from Ashley’s shoot with Hedi Slimane for Vogue Homme Japan and I thoroughly enjoyed the spread (i.e., there was more vibrancy and color). I’m assuming the way in which he’s holding the sword makes his collar bones protrude out all the more, but in the other shots I can say my judgment of using “emaciated” was rather crass.

  5. The purpose of art is to provoke a reaction or feeling in the viewer.

    Looks like it worked as a piece of art whichever side of the fence you sit on.

    Personally I do think Ashley looks a bit on the unhealthily skinny side in the featured pic.. but that’s kind of the point to the pose methinks, there’s supposed to be a mix of frailty, strife and hunger in that image. Whatever your view, the iconic pose automatically registers familiarity the instant you see it, somewhere in your subconscious images of James Dean and Jesus Christ collide in a way you’ll either love or loathe… but either way it’s worked as art if you feel something when you look at it.

    I’m with the OP on the studded belts though. They detract more than they add to the shot. But it looks cool and makes a nice cover.. I like the fact it’s monochrome too, it adds to the mood of the pic.

    Incidentally my son also modelled for some shots for this mag and he’s better looking than the cover model. He gets his good looks off me 😉


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  7. after viewing the others i would have to agree that they could have left this one out. the pose, pelvis is too much. the backdrop is not enough. a lack of composition and so on.

  8. I think the pink backgrounded one would be more appropriate for the cover. That one is a bit awkward I think. The typography could have been simpler than that. However, model and photography both were awesome.

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