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Katy Perry

So she kissed a girl and she liked it, yeah yeah we know the story, there is no denying that Katy Perry has become the latest reigning princess of pop. And why not?! She ticks all the boxes, pretty, catchy song, kitsch dress sense and goes around kissing girls, apparently.

But I am still not sold, whilst I can’t help but sing along to her number one single, and yes I have downloaded it, I’m just not sure I believe her, what is it about the Perry?

She’s being hailed as a style icon and yes I see why, she’s abit kooky, sexy in a the way that girls think is sexy but that boys don’t really get, I’m mainly referring to the playsuits. But she doesn’t sit as comfortably in her vintage gear as say Dita Von Teese, you look at Dita and you believe she was born in the wrong era, you can believe she trawls the world to make sure her stockings are genuine circa 1940.

But Katy Perry is pop vintage, she’s the walking equivalent of Topshop inspired vintage. Am I being too harsh? Should I just accept her for all her popliousness? I just don’t know, at the moment I just see her as being over styled.

Maybe in time she will blossom into the girl we all want to be and we will buy a magazine because she’s on the front or buy a piece of her endorsed high street collection. But for now, for me, she remains as synthetic as nylon.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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