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Even though he has the proclaimed ego the size of the equator, you can’t knock Kanye’s nuggets of wisdom, as far-fetched as they sometimes may seem.

His latest commentary on fashionable ways of gay men is poignant, but of course, quite off the wall—classic Kanye! This is what the emcee turned fashion intern had to say:

“People always try to discredit gays altogether, but they really know how to dress. They dress good, you got to peep at them really quick because if they see you looking at them they might think you’re looking at them in another way, so you have to keep looking away. If they catch you staring it’s like, ‘No dog, I’m looking at the gear!”

Funnily enough, Kanye was caught on video revealing these salacious sentiments!

I do agree that a majority of gay men are renowned in the arena of personal style; however, unlike Kanye, I’m confident with my sexuality and not afraid to appreciate how another man puts himself together, be he gay or straight.

Off the top of my head, sans Giles Deacon and Duro Oluwo (there’s likely others), a sizable (Stefano Pilati fancies 99%) number of top male designers are homosexual. Moreover, many of them are icons that I happen to revere for their aesthetic and sense of style so I know for certain that if I bumped into say Marc Jacobs on the streets of SoHo, I would not “look away” in the least! Rather, I would introduce myself and hopefully engage in intriguing dialogue with the man himself, all the while appreciating what new trend he’s cavorting around town. Last I checked it was skirts!


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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