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Having not been blessed with naturally long eyelashes I loved the sound of this mascara by Bobbi Brown which lengthens, curls and defines to ‘provide the ultimate false-eyelash look.’ As a fan of uber-dramatic eye make-up this was music to my ears and I was hoping for some noticeable results.

Application: I was initially disappointed with the product on application. Despite curling the lashes well, rather than defining them I found it was difficult to avoid clumping. I tried a number of times, applying less and found the same. So whilst the product did lengthen and curl effectively these results were counterbalanced by unfortunate clumping , never a good look!

More positively however after getting caught in a heavy downpour whilst road-testing the product I can confirm that it definitely fulfils its waterproof promise! The brown colour ‘bark’ was also a nice change for me and good if going for a more natural and subtle look.

Verdict: All in all mixed results but unfortunately the clumping would put me off buying the product in future. £14.68 available at

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.

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