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I’m not a quote, unquote fashion designer, but I wonder if Carlo Brandelli will take me up on his offer, seeing as I am a fashion journalist. My heydays of professional football are fast behind me (I was on the books for a few clubs, but never could break into the first team), but such is my background in the sport and the art of “keepie?uppie” that I’m confident that I stand a good shot at usurping Mr. Brandelli’s proposition. Heck, with what’s at stake, who wouldn’t inflate their confidence!

After Brandelli’s monumental ready?to?wear delivery for Kilgour’s SS09 collection, I’ve been a fan of the layer of modernity Brandelli has brought to stoops of Savile Row. With a few deft strokes of a pen, Brandelli renders the stuffiest silhouettes (i.e., the tux) into graceful creations that emanate a classic yet progressive feel. His work is pure genius and umm…I need that jacket in look twenty-five!

But on the subject of keepie?uppie, I’ll agree with Brandelli that the mere act of juggling a football is definitely a soothing respite to the demands of the fashion industry or any labor. And unfortunately, given the news of Brandelli’s latest departure from Kilgour, I’m sure he’s engaging in his fair share of keepie?uppie to allay the expected angst at such a parting. Alas, I will miss Kilgour sans Brandelli. However, I’m confident that the seasoned designer has a slew of projects in the pipeline. Until then, I guess keepie?uppie will have to suffice.


This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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