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In concluding my previous post on Rick Ross, I got on the topic of tailoring and how the attentive touch of a sartor could render even Rick Ross into a debonair gentleman. Frankly speaking, even though we’d all love to personally have a Savile Row tailor at our beck and call to serve us up sumptuous suits all season long, many (such as myself) don’t have the pockets deep enough to splash out a good £2000 ($2900) or more on a bespoke number from Savile Row. However, if finances aren’t an issue, my recommendation is taking the high road to the pleasures of bespoke living. From living out the design process from scratch to possessing a lifetime warranty in the form of alterations, bespoke suiting is an assured investment in quality.

On the contrary, made-to-measure suits are steadily emerging as a substitute to London’s Savile Row. Once resigned for upper class, tailor-made suits are now an enviable reality for the masses thanks to made-to-measure establishments such as MySuit. Although not bespoke, at $495, made-to-measure suits are your best bet to injecting that unique fit and sense of personality to one’s wardrobe. In the general sense, a suit truly confers onto its wearer a palette with which the fit, the jacket and pant style, the pocket square and even the collar upon the shirt are brushstrokes that allow one to illustrate their fashion sensibilities. Unsurprisingly, as a made-to-measure establishment, MySuit sees to it that those subtle discernments are lived out through “The MySuit Experience.”

For a mere 15 minutes, “The MySuit Experience” will literally take you on an inch-by-inch approach to the realizing that perfect fitting suit that meets your discretion. First, thirty measures are taken compared to a paltry three measures (suit size, waist size and inseam) that mass-produced department store suits offer. With measuring tape tossed aside and the tailor’s chalk dusted off, the fun truly begins once styling options are thrown your way. Pant styles vary from flat front to pleats (yes, double pleats are available if 1950s fashion is your thing) while jackets come in a medley of button arrangements. Intricate detailing can be rendered to both the pant and jacket through the addition of vents, lapels and sleeve buttons for jackets or suspender buttons, watch pockets and belt loops for pants. That, however, is not the exhaustive list of amendments that can be made to the suit–it’s just the tip of the iceberg! Moreover, all this measuring, hemming and detailing is backed up with sartorial advice from MySuit’s tailors.

Unfortunately, “The MySuit Experience” is currently available to those living in New York/New Jersey metro area where the MySuit has four locations. Still, if you’re stopping by through the city, I wouldn’t hesitate in making an appointment. Heck, in 15 minutes you could be within reach of a quality suit, closing the door on years of second-rate, languid suits that say nothing about you.

Click here to visit MySuit for “The Experience.”

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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