Last Updated on 23rd June 2021


I heart A.P.C. and I heart The Teenagers.

Naturally, great minds tend to think alike so it was an expected symbiosis of talent for Jean Touitou to team up with The Teenagers, a French synthpop meets indie rock band, to produce a limited edition of t-shirts on the topic of rock and roll. The message of “I Hate Rock and Roll” is to salvage what the genre once was and Touitou has enlisted several bands (The Teenagers, Housse de Racket, Koko Von Napoo and Chateau Marmont) that remain true to the art form and are not merely posers.

Of course I’m chuffed that The Teenagers were thrown into the mix of legit rock bands, but I’m more so pleased with the thought that went into The Teenagers’ design and the lovey-dovey feel of the end result.

Paris, as a city, is synonymous with love so the amorous overtones make The Teenagers t-shirt a salient portrait of who they are as individuals and as a band. Plus, it looks like a cooler version of those cliche “I Love Paris” touristy tees that make such comme ci comme ca gifts.

Visit A.P.C. here to score your Teenagers tee ($40) and support unfeigned rock and roll!

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