So avid readers will have just read how Isabella Blow’s supposedly public auction actually went on sale secretly over the weekend to a person who wished to remain as private as the auction — or not, as the case may now be. Our sources tell us the not-so-private buyer was a certain Ms. Daphne Guinness.

And they say so with some confidence, because she’s sort of said it herself. And let’s be honest, it makes complete sense, non?

“It’s Issy — it’s her DNA — it should not be scattered to the four winds,” Daphne remarked to the NY Times. “I want it to remain as a monument.”

We want it to remain as a monument too, but one that we can see, like in a museum or exhibition or something. But more than anything we’re delighted at this news, because frankly, that collection couldn’t have gone to a better home.

Good news all round.

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