You may or may not know the story behind how Mugler’s creative director Nicola Formichetti came upon his modelling muse Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy – so let us refresh your memory.

As it goes, Formichetti discovered Rick a few months ago on Facebook and immediately invited him over to watch his menswear show in Paris.

However, there was a slight glitch – Rick apparently owed thousands of dollars in fines for sleeping on the streets and therefore couldn’t get a passport, so Formichetti came to his rescue and paid off the substantial debt out of his own back pocket.

“It was a lot…like ten or twenty [thousand dollars],” said Formichetti. “I paid it myself. I really believe in him. He was only in Paris for two days.”

So back to our original story of his tattooed body, and like most of you would expect, he’s left one place ink free.

“Except his uh, there,” Formichetti told the Cut. “Not because he didn’t want to. He didn’t have the money.”

But now the Canadian model is free from crippling debt will he be planning another trip to the tattoo parlour to complete his inked body?

“Maybe it’ll be a selection of cock rings,” said Nicola.

That’s not exactly what we had in mind…

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