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I’m almost disappointed at myself for writing this. I’ve never been one to jump in the discussion of Crystal Renn’s curves – talking about when they shift an inch or two is only fuelling the fire of tiresome size debates – but on this occasion I feel as though I need to make comment, and here’s why.

For seven years, Crystal Renn’s been working as a successful plus-size model – the most successful in history, as it happens – after she battled with anorexia following three years of yo-yo dieting prompted by designers telling her to lose weight.

During these seven years working as a plus-size model, she’s lost a few pounds here and gained them back again there – she is, after all, a woman, and as we all know, weight is nothing if not fluctuating. Also during these seven years, my patience, even as a young girl, has been growing increasingly thin by the fascination surrounding Renn’s weight.

I get it, of course – I understand that in an industry where a girl is paid upon her looks, that girl who’s weight wanders is going to be a talking point. But what I’ve always hated is the assumption that because she’s a plus-size model she’s not allowed to lose a few pounds – or regain them.

There are lots of complex issues involved here, including Renn’s self-confessed exercise addition, that make this matter trickier than most, and as such I won’t pretend this is a clear-cut matter of a few post-holiday pounds, but the nagging cast upon her for losing or gaining weight is something that’s always bugged me.

For the record, I’ve always been a fan of Renn’s honesty about such things, too. Thing is, lately she’s come under increasing fire for shaping up. So, at the point where I yawn and murmer something along the lines of ‘not again’ under my breath, I see Tush magazine’s latest issue, which features a very naked Crystal Renn on the cover.

And guess what? There are no curves in sight. Where are her hips? Where are her thighs? Where’s her junk?

According to Renn, her newly svelt figure is what happened when, after almost six years, she introduced exercise back into her regime. Also according to Renn, she’s never been happier.

That’s great, of course – when all else is gone, happiness and self-contentment are surely the only things that matter – but it’s interesting to note she’s only scoring major ad campaigns (Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier) since shedding the weight.

Sure, I’m disappointed that those shapely legs, rounded hips and handful-sized boobs have gone, and I for one am not a fan of her latest editorial, but this isn’t a gripe at Crystal – she’s had enough of those already and you’ve read more of them than is necessary.

It’s an observation that we need to remove stupid, irrelevant titles. Continuing to call Crystal Renn plus-size is always going to lead to disappointment when those doing the labelling don’t get what they want.

How about, and here’s a shocker, we call Crystal Renn a model? Y’know, the title of her profession, rather than a description of her profession. It won’t stop the haters hating or the commentators commenting, sure, but it’ll make the nonsense moaning less prejudiced against what size the world thinks she should be.

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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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