Believe it or not, Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wasn’t born with a catwalk-worthy strut, oh no, even she needed a little help to perfect her stride.

And believe it or not, her teacher wasn’t Miss J or even Kate Moss, but rather a pair of two gay Jamaican guys.

Anything is possible, we suppose.

“You know who taught me to walk? Two Jamaican gay guys, who I lived with for a brief time in London when I was 16,” revealed Rosie. “One was a model and one was a model agent. They were called Humphrey and Donin. Gay men are usually pretty good at the model strut.”

And it looks like the unlikely duo did a pretty good job too – after all, Rosie hasn’t once fallen over on the catwalk, reports Vogue UK.

“I never fell on the runway,” said Rosie, “but I had my shoe fall off a few times. I had my top fall off. Just wardrobe malfunctions. I might have tripped once or twice, but I never fell over, thank God.”

Thank those Jamaicans, more like.

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