Last Updated on 15th August 2011

Take a peek at the new Body Shaper Collection from UNIQLO, an innovative new way to take you a step closer to a newly defined figure. And all you have to do is to put it on! Admittedly it won’t magically dissolve that unwanted tyre off your waist, but it says it will help to define and reinstate good posture, while simultaneously sharpening your silhouette. To do this, UNIQLO has integrated an innovative weaving technique to certain area of the clothing which cinches in your waist, hips or bum and maintains that desired posture position (that we never, actually, manage to maintain in everyday life). But, the real question is – does it work, AND would we wear it?

There are, as ever, the usual draw-backs when it comes to this type of magic-pant/underwear debacle. What usually comes to mind when I think about this kind of thing, is Bridget Jones in her gold, fish-tail dress with the rolled lumps of excess ‘pant’ that has unravelled itself down from her midriff. Alongside this, a black all-in-one might work its magic underneath the outfit…but er, what happens on that romantic date if you want to take it off? It’s not quite the same as something from your favourite lingerie shop is it?

However, at the not too steep price of £8.90 per UNIQLO bodywear piece, this is a high-street bodywear collection that you would look into. Especially if you get a newly defined, svelte figure at the end of that £8.90 (£17.80 for an entire body re-work of course). AND, it does have the bonus of looking a little more attractive than the usual nude magic pants that tighten and secure those unwanted ‘curves’ of ours. The true test will be in wearing of course, and at £8.90, at least you’re only throwing away a tenner if they don’t create that desired effect. £8.90, available from UNIQLO

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