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This is a guest post by Maria Pierides, one of our fabulous competition winners. She’s been hitting the tents at Somerset House as a guest fashion reporter for My Fashion Life to cover as many of London’s spring shows as she can make – find out how she got on when we armed her with a bag full of tickets and sent her packing…

Who: Warehouse design competition winner Shivani Chavda

What: The winner of the Warehouse design competition showcased her collection at the BFC show space at Somerset House. We saw an explosive, vibrant and exotic collection predominantly filled with billowing maxi dresses made from floaty, flowing fabrics. Fierce and fabulous!

Highlights: Sometimes with technicolour, designers run the risk of making their garments look like they’ve collided with a rainbow but Chavda’s designs were anything but. Each colour was strategically placed sparingly; we loved the way she pulled it off.

Lowlights: We wish more models had been hired to parade around the show space in Chavda’s gorgeous designs, because the rail they were hanging on in the back didn’t do them justice.

Overall: We saw Shivani Chavda casually walking around the show space in Somerset House before the exhibition started and made a mental note to keep an eye on her and ask who she was wearing because we loved her dress. Little did we know that we’d stolen a few moments with the designer herself and she was showcasing one of her very own creations (top left). Emily Smeaton, the photography competition winner, was on hand to capture Chavda’s designs in the best way – she made each and every splash of colour almost jump off the page (or canvas, as it were) and the exhibition left a lasting impression on us.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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