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This is a guest post by Maria Pierides, one of our fabulous competition winners. She’s been hitting the tents at Somerset House as a guest fashion reporter for My Fashion Life to cover as many of London’s spring shows as she can make – find out how she got on when we armed her with a bag full of tickets and sent her packing…

Who: Clouds with a Silver Lining by Edeline Lee and Cora Sheibani

What: An exhibition featuring jewellery from Cora Sheibani and fashion from Edeline Lee. Models lined up in beautiful dresses and jewellery to showcase the work of two very talented emerging designers. Jewellery was mostly delicate and ornate, with a few costume pieces thrown in for good measure. Garments complemented the jewels effortlessly through impeccable styling.

Call us voyeuristic opportunists that love a bit of backstage juiciness, but we loved watching the models get ready as we moseyed on in behind the scenes. The harlequin-style black and white dress in the middle of the line-up was a particular favourite – very theatrical indeed.

Lowlights: We didn’t see any clouds that warranted a silver lining – this collection was strong in its entirety.

Overall: The exhibition took place in what looked like an abandoned warehouse, instantly giving it that hidden, underground urban tone; and of course, the exhibition spruced up the vicinity tremendously. The bird nest hair (courtesy of The Sassoon Academy) gave some much needed rugged chic to the two collections that were very prim and precise everywhere else. The models eventually gathered in what reminded us of a police line-up against a plain white wall, which was the perfect backdrop to ensure all attention remained on the items that mattered.

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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