Forget closely analysing what the judges or even the nervous hopefuls are wearing, the X Factor fashion that has captivated us the most doesn’t even occur on the X Factor stage.

Instead of wearing her heart on her sleeve, Cheryl Cole instead chose to  wear her CV on her trousers while arriving at LAX a few days ago. The Geordie that we can’t seem to get enough of these days was photographed sporting X Factor trousers and while we were confused, we didn’t really want to judge. Maybe she was making a point, maybe it was a belated birthday present for Simon Cowell (nothing like some promotion for your friend/former boss right?) or maybe it was for some reason completely unbeknown to us. But we let her have it.

That was, however until we spotted the pregnant ex Disney Channel darling and brief Gossip Girl actress Hilary Duff wearing an X Factor dress. Is there a fashion line we don’t know about? Do Hilary and Cheryl share the same stylist? Is this all part of some grand, elaborate scheme that we aren’t aware of yet?

If anyone has answers, we’d be eternally grateful.



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