Think it’s the slim stars women are striving to look like? Think again: according to a new survey, it’s the curvy celebs women find the sexiest.

Online plus size store OneStopPlus surveyed 10,000 women about body image and fashion, and the results revealed they found curvier celebrities like Beyonce, Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian to be sexier than the considerably less curvy Katie Holmes and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Marilyn Monroe topped the poll for ‘sexiest celebrity’ by a landslide and came a close third for ‘best fashion sense’ (Kim Kardashian and Beyonce pipped her to the post), while Katie Holmes, Christina Hendricks and Gossip Girl Blake Lively fell towards the bottom of both lists.

“How refreshing to find a survey that actually shows that curvier women are more desirable,” plus size model Katie Green, who has been campaigning against size zero, said.

“Marilyn Monroe set the standard all the way back in the 50’s, and I’m glad that peoples perceptions haven’t changed! I feel this sort of public information will make a significant contribution to women’s health.”

Well, Katie Green and those 10,000 women have had their say, but what do you guys think: who’s the sexiest celeb?

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