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David Beckham’s five-year LA Galaxy contract is due to expire at the end of the year (didn’t all those years go quickly?), but he is showing no signs of resigning, taking a break or even slowing down, as he’s apparently already in talks to sign an 18-month contract with Qatari-owned Paris St Germain at the start of the new year.

This means that the Beckham brood would need to relocate to the City of Light for at least a year and a half, although the family would reportedly be returning Stateside after David’s contract expires.

This potential move now begs the question: if the Beckhams move to Paris, will Victoria therefore show at Paris Fashion Week instead of New York Fashion Week? We have a feeling that Paris could do wonders for Victoria’s fashion lines, possibly giving her a fresh start and a new edge to her much-loved collections.

We know that Paris has long been the fashion capital of the world, but will Victoria be able to manage her fashion empire in the same way she has done in LA? Will she rack up the air miles and jet back and forth? Or will she just Skype everyone as she said she did during her maternity leave?

Only time will tell, but if history has taught us anything, Mrs Beckham will make it work for her.

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This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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