Last Updated on 19th October 2013

Today’s conundrum is, in fact, the same debate we’ve been facing for years. Uggs: do or die? According to your reactions of today’s love or hate, you’re all in the latter camp.

So what would you say if we told you there was an alternative to Uggs that offer all the warmth and comfort you crave, and actually look kinda cool too?

Meet Mou, fashion’s best-kept secret. All the editors wear them, the most prestigious stores stock them and the stars are flocking for them – they just don’t want you to cotton on the cosiest things your feet will ever wear.

We must point out that Mou isn’t a new label – in fact, it started life in 2002 on a stall at London’s Portabello market and quickly became the boot of choice for celebs (Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, to name a few) – but it is a relatively recent addition to our radar.

And that’s because last week we met Mou’s founder and, for the first time, fondled the boots up close and personal while wondering why the hell we’d be missing out on these for so many years.

Born out of a dream to create original, luxurious footwear to counteract the pressures of modern city-living, Shelley Tichborne’s cult boots may look similar to Uggs, but there’s one resounding difference – they have a distinctly luxe feel thanks to their sumptuous fabrics (try treated leather, calfskin or gorgeously soft goatskin) that means you don’t actually mind being spotted in them.

And for the new season, Mou’s signature soft-snug styles have taken on some seriously stylish details – chunky leather buckles that create a cosy alternative to Westwood’s pirate boots, eskimo styles with metallic finishes and contrast stitching that look like luxe versions of a traditional snow boot, and fab fur trims that sashay towards chic.

As for the fit, have you ever tried strapping a sponge to your foot and wrapping your leg in sheepskin? That.

Superbly crafted, ridiculously snug – safe to say we’ve found our favourite winter comfort boots. So what say you? Does Mou meet your winter comfort criteria, or have we lost our minds?

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