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Victoria’s Secret may have kept Karlie Kloss’s appearance in the annual fashion show a secret until the last minute, but it can’t seem to get enough of her as far as the ad campaigns are concerned. 

We can totally see why Victoria’s Secret asked the nineteen-year-old American to model the PINK collection once again, as she did such a good job the last time. Plus, she totally rocked the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show so we predict she will be in the VS family for a long time.

Karlie Kloss fits the Victoria’s Secret PINK collection brief perfectly with her youthful and playful image and toned body. Plus, there’s something rather irreplaceable about her – the next Gisele perhaps?

Her controversial pictures in the latest issue of Italian Vogue had everyone talking (one of the images was even pulled from the website for fear of it promoting anorexia to young girls) but there is nothing scandalous about these pictures as she has curves in all the right places and is the perfect ambassador for the brand.

The PINK collection is always one we look forward to seeing – Santa, if you’re reading, we’d love to find the sparkly silver hoodie in our stocking this year… pretty please?

[Sassi Sam] 

This content was first published on and should not be copied or reproduced.
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