Want some inspiration for your New Year’s resolutions?  Not everything has to be about weight loss, detoxing and general healthy eating, you know. The Victoria’s Secret Angels, who, granted already have perfect bodies, are going in a totally different direction as far as resolutions are concerned.

So, if you don’t fancy giving up the chocolate just yet or you don’t want to go on that jog in the pouring rain, (we don’t blame you!) remember that there are other things to challenge yourself to this year.

Some of their resolutions include learning to drive, sky diving, having more fun, spending more time with family and friends, and for Adriana Lima, getting rid of her accent (although we hope she doesn’t stick to that one, as we love her dulcet Brazilian tones!).

We hope you enjoy the video of the models letting you in on their resolutions – they also fling their underwear at the camera too, fyi. As you do.


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