We have to admit, even though we would probably never wear about 96% of her wardrobe, we love most of Nicki Minaj’s outlandish outfits. It’s one of the many reasons we love her! 

However, we’re not at all sure what’s going on with her outfit here, which she wore when she arrived at Tokyo International Airport a few days ago, and wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t either.

Channelling a confused Cabbage Patch Kid, the singer stepped out in a bright green wig (we hope!), pink Adidas tracksuit bottoms, an explosively colourful scarf and lots of bling to boot.

We don’t think it’s the hair we have a problem with, or even the many colours (after all, who doesn’t love a good bright and colourful outfit?) but have a slight feeling it’s the trousers that are making us question this look.

We love comfortable joggers as much as the next person, and think they’re perfect for air travel, but don’t think they work with the rest of Nicki’s “look at me!” outfit. If she had gone for a nice pair of pink trousers – or anything else for that matter – we think we’d totally understand and love this look. We’re just not keen on the glam/sporty mishmash, which is a shame as we do actually like the rest of it. It’s totally Nicki, so what’s not to love?

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